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Proceedings of the 20th International Congress on Acoustics
ICA 2010

23-27 August 2010
Sydney Convention Centre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

ICA 2010 has been organised by the Australian Acoustical Society on behalf of the International Commission for Acoustics.
The program incorporates the Annual Conference of the Australian Acoustical Society.

ICA logo The purpose of the ICA is to promote international development and collaboration in all fields of acoustics including research, development, education, and standardisation. It fulfils this mission by maintaining contacts with national and regional acoustical societies and associations; convening the International Congresses on Acoustics; sponsoring special international meetings. The Commission is affiliated to the International Union for Pure and Applied Physics; the International Union of Applied and Theoretical Mechanics and the International Council of Scientific Unions.
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The Australian Acoustical Society aims to promote and advance the science and practice of acoustics in all its branches to the wider community and provide support to acousticians. The Society was formed in 1964 and divisions are active in all Australian States.

Welcome Message from Samir Gerges
President, International Commission of Acoustics, 2007-2010Image of Samir Gerges

It is with great pleasure that we participate in this ICA 2010 congress hosted by the Australian Acoustical Society for the International Commission of Acoustics (ICA) at the Sydney Convention Centre located right on the beautiful harbour of Sydney.

The Congress program features a broad range of high-level presentations in all the areas of acoustics from around the world, as well as a very rich exhibition of acoustic equipment, software, products and latest technology in acoustics. Also we will have each day a plenary speaker presenting the state of art of their field plus the latest research findings. The technical program comprises multiple streams of distinguished, contributed papers and poster papers. Special attention has been given to young Scientists by providing grants to support their participation.

At this ICA 2010 congress, you will not only exchange information with your international colleagues, but will also be able to discover the high potential for acoustics in Australia. The ICA 2010 congress will provide the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn more about the acoustic activities in this large continent.

This may be your first visit to Australia but we doubt it will be the last. Thus the Board of the ICA welcomes you to ICA 2010, where we are sure you will have a fruitful and enjoyable time in the beautiful Australia.

Welcome Message from Norm Broner
President, Australian Acoustical Society, 2008-2010Image of Norm Broner President

I am delighted, on behalf of the Australian Acoustical Society, to welcome you all to the 20th ICA here in Sydney Australia. The Organising Committee, under the very able leadership of the Conference Chair, Marion Burgess, has worked very long and hard to make this Conference the success that it will be. We are indeed very pleased that the ICA Commission gave us the opportunity to showcase Australian acoustics. The conference will present a very large range of papers across a diverse array of topics so there will definitely be something of interest for everyone.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank the Sponsors and Exhibitors for their contribution and financial assistance to the ICA, the AAS and the acoustics fraternity. Their presence here adds substantially to the opportunity for all participants to learn new technical information.

We hope that you enjoy the congress and the opportunity it provides to meet with your colleagues. We also hope that our international visitors will make the most of their time in Sydney and experience Aussie hospitality and we trust that you will also explore our marvellous country.

Thanks for attending - we look forward to meeting you at the various sessions.

Welcome from the Organising Committee ICA 2010
Image of Marion Burgess Image of David Anderson Image of Chris Schulten

Marion Burgess (Chair), David Anderson (Secretary) and Chris Schulten (Treasurer) have comprised the main organising committee for the ICA 2010. The six years since being awarded the honour to host ICA 2010 have passed rapidly and now the congress is about to commence. The guidance from those in the national and international technical advisory committees was greatly appreciated. We are particularly grateful for the assistance provided by the members of the Australian Acoustical Society. ICMS Australasia has provided the registration secretariat and services to enable this event to occur.

We hope that all the delegates find the technical program stimulating and that the social program offers the opportunities for meeting colleagues and renewing friendships.

The committee is grateful for the assistance from many during the organisation of the congress and just some of those involved include:
Editors Marion Burgess, John Davey, Charles Don and Terrance McMinn
Webmaster/designer Graham Doig Audio Visual Tom Harper
Liaison Laura Allison Registration ICMS Australasia
Exhibition/Sponsorship Norm Broner

International and National Technical Advisory Committee assisted with the development of the program and included:
Adrian Jones
Adriano Alippi
Andrew Bell
Anne Cutler
Antonio Perez Lopez
Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp
Chaohuan Hou
Charles Schmid
Chris Schulten
Con Doolan
David Anderson
Dennis Burnham
Doug Cato
Eugeniusz Kozaczka
Fergus Fricke
George Raicevich
Grant Emms
Harvey Dillon
Hugo Fastl
Ichori Yamada
Irene van Kamp
James Friend
Jean Tourret
Jeffrey Mahn
Jeremey Astley
Joe Wolfe
John Bassett
Jorg Buchholz
Jospeh Lai
Junru Wu
Keith Attenborough
Larry Finegold
Marshall Hall
Matthew Harrison
Matthew Stead
Mauro Caresta
Michael Stinson
Michael Vorlaender
Michiel Postemav
Muthupandian Ashokkumar
Neville Fletcher
Nicole Kessissoglou
Pamela Gunn
Pan Jie
Peter Lesniewski
Philip A. Nelson
Philippe Blanc-Benon
Robert Randall
Samir Gerges
Sandra Kentish
Sonoko Kuwano
Steffen Marburg
Suk Wang Yoon
Vyacheslav Maslov
Warwick Williams
William Martens
Wolfgang Babisch


Plenary Speakers

Graeme Clark Psychoacoustics and Cochlear Implant Speech Perception
Nico Declercq Interaction of sound and ultrasound with materials
Torsten Dau Human auditory signal processing in complex acoustic environments
Nicholas Makris Ocean Acoustic Remote Sensing (OAWRS) of Marine Ecosystems
Joe Wolfe The acoustics of wind instruments -- and of the musicians who play them

Distinguished and Special Lectures

Reiko Mazuka Learning the sound system of Japanese: What does it tell us about language acquisition?
Steffen Marburg Energy based contribution analysis
Timothy Mason Sonochemistry - a proven tool for process intensification
Leo L Beranek Strength G, Reverberation Time RT, Listener Envelopment LEV, and Measurements Needed in Concert Halls
Irene van Kamp Noise and Health from different perspectives
Michel Versluis Nonlinear behaviour of ultrasound contrast agent microbubbles and why shell buckling matters
Douglas Cato The effects of noise on marine animals in the context of their natural acoustic environment
Dominique Collin Aircraft Noise: Research Challenges and European Approach


The organisation for ICA 2010 is grateful for financial support from Sponsors.


Bradford Insulation Group Ortech Industries Pty Ltd


MasterMesh Industries


Acoustica Pty Ltd


Acoustics & Vibration Unit, UNSW@ADFA HW Technologies
Embelton Renzo Tonin & Associates
SoundPLAN International LLC Heggies Pty Ltd
Autex Pty Ltd LMS International
NSW Dept of Environment Climate Change and Water Association of Australian Acoustic Consultants


The following companies are featured in the Exposition

Bradford Insulation Group Ortech Industries Pty Ltd
Mastermesh Industries Acoustica Pty Ltd
Acoustic Research Laboratories Acu-Vib Electronics
AFMG Technologies GmbH Autex Pty Ltd
Belcur Pty Ltd Bruel & Kjaer Australia
DataKustik GmbH Embelton
Enviro Acoustics Pty Ltd G.R.A.S Sound & Vibration
Howden Netherlands B V HW Technologies
Kingdom Pty Ltd LMS International
Martini Industries Pty Ltd Odeon A/S
The P A People Pty Ltd Pyrotek Noise Control
Renzo Tonin & Associates (NSW) SAVtech Sound & Vibration Technology
SoundPLAN International LLC Speedpanel
Texcel Monitoring Solutions Thermo Fisher Scientific