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Awards, Prizes and Grants

The Society offers a number of different awards, prizes and grants: 

NSW - QLD - SA - VIC - WA 


State(s) Nominal Funding / Notes
AAS Research Grant
Up to $50,000 individual, $100,000 / 3 years
Excellence in Acoustics Award
AAS Education Grant
Up to $15,000
Australian Academy of Science Award
Refer website
AAS Conference Travel Grants
Refer details below for individual state offers
School Bursary
Acoustic Bursary
RJ Hooker Bursary
Colin G Speakman Bursaries
$1,200 x 3
Vic Physics Teachers Network Student Prizes
David Bies Prize in Acoustics
WA Divisional Tertiary Prize in Acoustics and Vibration

  See below for further details on each of the State Divisional awards, prizes and grants.


AAS Research Grant

AAS intends to conduct timely research to help achieve the objectives of the Society. The AAS Federal Council has authorised a Research Grant Plan for the AAS Research Grants. The Plan is not meant to take the initiative from applicants, but rather to use input from AAS members to identify strategic research needs that are appropriate. The plan was developed collaboratively by membership of the AAS via a survey and the Research Committee with representation from each division.

The limit for individual grants is currently $50,000 with a pool of funding up to $ 100,000 over 3 years.

The approved AAS priority research areas are:

  • Windfarm noise assessment
  • Underwater noise monitoring & detection
  • Environmental noise modelling and assessment
  • Sleep disturbance assessment
  • Road traffic assessment

The Research Grant committee will evaluate and prioritise these against the agreed projects so the topics that best address these projects are funded first.

Successful applicants will be required to provide matching funding from other sources and report to the AAS at predetermined stages.

AAS Research Grant is a competitive, merit based program using the following criteria:

  • Value for money.
  • Alignment with areas nominated as a research priority by the AAS.
  • Demonstrated execution plan and key deliverables.
  • Demonstrated appropriate management or oversight capability over the research team.

The application form is available for download on this page. Details regarding how to make an application are contained within the application document.

Download the form here:  AAS_Research_Grant_Application_Form_RevF

Please submit completed applications in electronic form (preferably PDF) by the closing date to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The closing date for applications seeking funding in a given financial year is 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on the 31st May prior.  Funding for approved submissions received after this date may be deferred funding until the following financial year depending on the approved budget.

Any questions or queries regarding the grant and the application process should be directed to the General Secretary: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

AAS Excellence in Acoustics Award

This award aims at fostering and rewarding excellence in acoustics. The entries will be judged on demonstrated innovation from within any field of acoustics. The prizes include a trophy and a gift to the value of $1,500 to the winner. For further details, please click here.

AAS Education Grant

The Australian Acoustical Society (AAS) Education Grant has been established to encourage and enhance the study of acoustics in Australia and in particular to encourage research in acoustics. The main criterion is the likely benefit that the successful completion of the proposed project will provide for acoustics, for the AAS and for its members.

Examples of projects likely to be viewed favourably include:

  1. one whose outcomes would enable a significant number of AAS members to resolve community or environmental problems more satisfactorily;
  2. one which involves collaboration between education/research institutions and industry based organisations;
  3. one which would produce good publicity for the AAS and for the science and practice of acoustics in Australia;
  4. one which enhances the quality or quantity of educational offerings in acoustics in Australia.

Projects will be judged on their originality and their likelihood of successful completion within reasonable timeframes. The multiplier effect of having partial funding from other sources will also appeal to the judges. However, the AAS remains interested in funding projects that may not proceed without AAS funding. If the proposal involves funds from a number of sources, it should be made clear how the AAS contribution would be acknowledged. The potential for the outcomes to be published in Acoustics Australia and/or presented at the annual conferences and technical meetings of the Society would be viewed favourably.

The grant is open to educational institutions, companies and organisations and individuals for the purpose of financing special acoustic projects, providing scholarships, assisting projects with the purchase of software and equipment or any other worthwhile use involving acoustics. Applications for the purchase of software and equipment by government and commercial organisations will be considered on a case by case basis but may be considered unfavourably unless consideration is given to hiring equipment.

The total grant of $15,000.00 may be split between several projects. Thus applicants should not assume that they would necessarily receive all the available funding if their application was successful and should not necessarily request the maximum amount of the award.  The AAS does not accept "Indirect Costs" or "Administration Fees" or other kinds of ancillary charges to be charged against the grant awarded.

Awards made under the Australian Acoustical Society's Education Grant are for the express use of the successful recipient for the project outlined in the winning submission.

For further details, please click here.


Australian Academy of Science Award

The Australian Academy of Science is a private organisation of some 370 of Australia's leading research scientists, elected for their personal contributions to science.

The Academy recognises research excellence by conferring medals and awards on younger scientists and recognises lifetime contributions to specific disciplines by more senior scientists.

You are invited to nominate candidates for the prestigious awards of the Australian Academy of Science. For further details, please click here.

New South Wales Division


The NSW Division is pleased to announce the 2018 Travel Grants to attend Acoustics 2018, Adelaide, 6-9 November 2018 . Successful awardees will be required to provide a short report (up to 200 words) on their experiences at the Conference for the December issue of the Acoustics Australia journal. We are offering two different types of travel awards:

1. AAS NSW Travel Award for Research Students in Acoustics to attend Acoustics 2018. Up to two (2) awards to the value of $1,250 are open to all research students in acoustics who are AAS student members of the NSW Division as well as research students endorsed by AAS members of the NSW Division. To apply for the Research Student travel award download the form.

2. AAS NSW Travel Award for Early Career Researcher in Acoustics to attend Acoustics 2018. An early career researcher is a young professional who has completed his/her doctorate in acoustics in the past five years and is working in a research capacity in the field of acoustics. Two (2) awards to the value of $1,750 is open to all early career researchers in acoustics who are AAS members of the NSW Division. If not already a member, the applicant must apply to become a member of the Australian Acoustical Society before submitting his/her application. To apply for the Early Career Researcher travel award download the form.

Applications close Friday 29th June.

Queensland Division

The Queensland Division conducts an awards program to encourage and support education and research in acoustics in Queensland. Awards are granted on an annual basis in two divisions, a schools division and a tertiary and professional division.

Division I

The schools division is administered as part of the Queensland Science Contest and is open to students studying at primary and secondary schools in Queensland. A $800 bursary will be presented for the best entry in the field of acoustics. At the discretion of the judges, the bursary may be split among a number of deserving entries (maximum of five).

Division II

The tertiary and professional division is open to:
  • Students studying full or part time at a Queensland university, in subjects relevant to the field of acoustics. (Bursaries support research, coursework and conference travel);
  • Recent graduates/early career post-doctorate professionals, resident and working in Queensland (in industry or at university) who are Members or Graduate Members of the Society. (Bursaries support the presentation of acoustical research at conferences).

Bursary awards are provided in three categories:

Category 1: Research Project

  1. The Acoustic Bursary: A bursary of $2500 in cash is offered for a proposed 4th year undergraduate or 1st year postgraduate research project.
    Submissions for 2018 have closed.
  2. The RJ Hooker Bursary: A bursary of $2500 in cash will be awarded for a proposed 4th year undergraduate or 1st year postgraduate research projects conducted with substantial industrial participation. This may take the form of a "professional placement" or it may be through the use of acoustical test facilities in industry for purposes critical to project outcomes.
    Submissions close: 5.00 pm, Friday, 22 June 2018.
Bursary awardees, who have a paper accepted for presentation at the annual congress of the Society, in the award year or in the year following (or at another conference sponsored by the Society, in those years) are eligible for a further grant of up to $400, as a contribution towards their registration as a student delegate.

Category 2: Course Work

A book prize of $300 will be awarded to the most outstanding student in a relevant undergraduate or 1st year postgraduate degree subject.

Currently four courses are supported for purposes of the Category 2 Bursary:

  • MECH3250 Engineering Acoustics and
  • AUDL7800 Acoustics and Psychoacoustics at UQ;
  • ENB314 Industrial Noise and Vibrations at QUT;
  • ME3511 Dynamics and Acoustics at JCU.
Category 3: Travel Bursaries

The Colin G Speakman Travel Bursaries

NOTE: Applications for travel bursaries to ACOUSTICS 2018 have closed.

A. Student (undergraduate or postgraduate)

Two (2) bursaries of up to $1,200 are provided to assist with student travel and registration costs associated with attendance at conferences relevant to the science and practice of acoustics.

B. EARLY CAREER (recent graduate/early career post-doctorate)

A bursary of up to $1,200 is provided to assist with travel and registration costs associated with attendance at a conference relevant to the science and practice of acoustics.

Applicants for a Colin G Speakman Travel Bursary (Category B) must:
  1. be a recent graduate, resident and working in Queensland, in industry or at university (not being a student), who has completed their 1st degree in the last five years or has completed their doctorate in the last three years;
  2. be a Member or Graduate member of the Society; and
  3. have a paper accepted by the conference organisers, which they will present in person.

South Australian Division

  1. David Bies Prize in Acoustics
    In recognition of the contributions of David Bies to the science and practice of and education in acoustics, the South Australian Division of the Australian Acoustical Society has resolved to establish a Prize to recognise outstanding contributions in these areas.

    The Prize shall be made available each year and may be awarded to a member(s) of the Australian Acoustical Society who is/are an acoustical practitioner(s) in South Australia, or has/have made a meritorious contribution to the discipline in South Australia.

    Invitations for nominations for the prize shall be published in the first issues of Acoustics Australia each year, and in appropriate notices to South Australian members of the Society. Determinations of the recipient(s) of the prize shall be made by the Committee of the South Australian Branch of the Society, which may consider. any relevant information. Decisions of the Committee shall be final. If the Committee determines that no nomination merits award of the Prize it will not be awarded in that year. If a member of the Committee is nominated for consideration for the award then he/she shall not take any part in the determination process.

    The Prize shall take the form of a suitably inscribed object of some elegance to the value of approximately $200. The inscription shall take the form: The David Bies Prize, presented to --- in recognition of an outstanding contribution to acoustics in South Australian in --(year)-- A pewter plate or plaque is recommended in the first instances, but an acoustically-related item may be preferable to suit some recipients.

    The Chairperson of the S.A. Division (or delegate) shall present the Prize at a suitable function to which relevant dignitaries from Industry and the Community and media representatives may be invited.

    Nominations can be made via written correspondence to the AAS SA Division.

  2. Provision of $500 yearly prize to the best student completing the University of Adelaide Mechanical Engineering Acoustics Course

  3. Provision of 2 x$1000 yearly sponsorship for students/teams projects being undertaken in the University of Adelaide Mechanical Engineering school

  4. Sponsorship of SA university undergraduates student(s) to attend the AAS Conference. Generally 2 allocated per year, however for major international joint conferences  the number may increase and include post graduates.

Victorian Division

Student Prizes in conjunction with the Vic Physics Teachers Network.

Prizes: First Prize: $500, Second Prize: $250, Third Prize: $100

WA Divisional Tertiary Prize in Acoustics and Vibration

The prize:

A prize of $1,000 will be awarded for the best student project in acoustics and/or vibration completed at a Western Australian tertiary institution.

This prize has been set up to encourage tertiary students to undertake projects in this interesting and challenging field.

The winning student(s) will be asked to present a talk on their project at a meeting of the WA Division of the Australian Acoustical Society, at which the prize will be presented.


Students are eligible to enter if they will complete or have completed an undergraduate, honours, masters by coursework, or postgraduate diploma project relevant to any aspect of acoustics and/or vibration at a Western Australian tertiary institution in the year of entry. Masters by research and PhD students are not eligible.

Acoustics is a broad field, so there is plenty of scope for interesting projects in areas such as:

  • architectural and building acoustics
  • underwater acoustics,
  • musical acoustics
  • biological acoustics
  • noise and vibration control
  • vibration and structural dynamics
  • environmental noise
  • industrial noise
  • hearing and speech physiology
  • occupational health
  • ultrasonics
  • etc. etc.


The following items should be sent by email to the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . (Email subject should commence with "AAS WA Prize".)

  • A copy of the final project report(s). Where two or more students complete a project as a team, but write separate reports, then all reports should be submitted.
  • A short statement specifically addressing the judging criteria below.
  • A statement from the student's project supervisor supporting the entry.

Entry Deadline

Entries must be received by 5pm local time, Friday 3rd November in the year of entry.

Judging criteria:

  • Scientific merit
  • Potential impact of results
  • Novelty of approach
  • Relevance to acoustic field of study

The judges will also take into account the quality of the project report(s), particularly the clarity of the writing and the presentation and discussion of results.

The judges' decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Any questions regarding the prize should be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Email subject should commence with "AAS WA Prize")

AAS WA Travel Grant for Research Students

The Western Australian Division of the Australian Acoustical Society (AAS) is offering up to $1,500 to individual research students to assist with their attendance at the National AAS Conference held each year.

Total award pool is $4,500.

Successful awardees will be required to provide a short written report (200 to 500 words) to the WA Division on their experiences at the Conference. This report may be summarised for inclusion in Acoustics Australia. An alternative to this written report may be a verbal presentation, conducted at a suitable WA division technical meeting / seminar, at the discretion of the AAS WA Division committee.

The award is to be spent towards the conference registration fee, and/or travel to and from the conference. Evidence of attendance must be provided prior to payment of the award – such as a copy of conference registration receipt. Claims with supporting documentation must be submitted no more than 30 days after close of the conference.

The award is open to all research students who are AAS members, or who have applied for AAS membership (student, associate or member grade) of the WA Division, and who are presenting a paper or a poster at the conference.

To apply for the award complete the following application form (Word format or PDF), scan, save as one pdf and submit via email to the WA division secretary at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The closing date for the applications is 6pm Perth time on September 30. Late applications will not be considered.

Confirmation of your received application will be emailed to you within 2 working days.

Amounts awarded may vary and will be at the absolute discretion of the AAS WA Division committee, pending number of applicants. The decision of the AAS WA Division committee will be final.




Let's make 2019 the International Year of Sound!

Click here to see draft prospectus. Suggestions for major activities that would be truly international to strengthen the application are welcomed.


ACOUSTICS 2018 - Hear to Listen

Adelaide, South Australia 6-9 November 2018